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Grapperhaus Research Group

Inorganic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

University of Louisville 

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Research in the Grapperhaus Group focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of metal complexes for catalysis, energy research, and medical applications.

We are a highly collaborative group that regularly interacts and publishes with other research groups in chemistry, engineering, and medicine.

Our research team has a special interest in metal-ligand cooperativity including 'non-innocent' ligands that participate in oxidation-reduction events, ligand modification/functionalization, and ligand-centered catalysis.

Our studies employs a variety of techniques including ligand design and synthesis, inorganic synthesis including air-free techniques and nanoparticles, spectroscopy (UV-vis, FT-IR, NMR, EPR), electrochemistry, x-ray crystallography, microscopy, mechanistic investigations, and DFT computations.

Undergraduate and graduate students in the Grapperhaus Group develop a broad based and interdisciplinary approach to research and problem solving.


Students interested in undergraduate and graduate research positions should contact Prof. Grapperhaus. 

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